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India is a hub country for silk production with 5 major production states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir. Whenever it comes to choosing one option for sar ee , we can not ignore the sil...
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We often hear the term "Wholesale" around us and make this term more familiar among all, I am going to give a overview about wholesale and its benefits. Wholesale term refers to a company or person who buys goods in large quantities from...
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Indian vogue has truly developed from ancient times to modern times with the customs and identity in mind. With diversifying fashion in India, it is crucial to choose from a wide range but they have chosen the lahenga choli th...
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The Salwar Suit is one of the most popular clothes for millions of women in Asian territory. Designer Salwar Suits look elegant for a wedding ceremony or even for casual family gatherings. This outfit has been adapted for all o...
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Fashion among Indian women is all about Indian ethnicity with western touch. Nowadays, Indian girls clothing style is an influential revolution in Indian traditional. And we can not deny giving the major credit to ever stylish ethnic w...
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 Saree is a single piece draping outfit of size six to nine yards, which wraps around the woman"s body in different ways. The Saree is one of the most historic outfits that is worn by approximately 75 percent of female citizens of India....
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